The Wounding of Zarrotta Athos

Excerpt from Book 2 The Wounding of Zarrotta Athos

During a skirmish, where Veena and Zarrotta are waging a guerilla war with the vangaurd of House Raynis; Zarrotta becomes briefly distracted by Veena. Entranced with watching her move, Zarrotta becomes easy prey for a Raynis spear. He is surely saved from much worse wounds, as Veena deftly dispatches the spearman. From then on, Zarrotta would walk with a strange gait, which only served to accentuate the individuality of his already eccentric sword-style. It is quite fortunate that the Warrior-Priestesses of Athena are skilled at mending wounds as well as causing them, as Veena would tend to Zarrotta when the sun went down.

The Beginning (Part 2)


Fall of 2015. I have some extended time in the studio. I’m currently working on a folding shoji screen based on Carl Sagan’s pioneer plaque. I also have a number of blank canvases and i’m not sure what to paint on them.

I decided to make go back to The Crescent Chronicles. I would make paintings of singular pages. But I would have to start writing Book 2. I sat down to draw and write and a creative waterfall fell on me. I made pages upon pages of scribbly notes and drawings that have since developed into a plan for the entire Chronicles-Books 1-9.

Origin of The Crescent Chronicles


The first episode of The Crescent Chronicles webcomic was posted on October 24, 2005.
This lasted until 2009 and is considered the definitive rough draft of Book One. I am currently working on the definitive final draft. This includes a great deal of new content and storytelling, new art and a complete revision of the old art. I keep the original webcomic online for the sake of posterity and proof of the longevity of the project.

fightcollage copy

fightfight copy